1. Fields of Research and Interest
  2. Current Projects
  3. Finished Projects

I. Fields of Research and Interest

Sustainable Tourism

Cultural Tourism, City Marketing

Constructivism (New Cultural Geography)

Destination Management

Tourism Marketing

Tourism Experience Management

Travel Writing

Regional Development

Service Management


Regional : India, Lake Constance, Spain, Argentina. New Zealand, Canada

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II. Current Projects

Creative Industries at Lake Constance in collaboration with ZHdK, funded by IBH 2017-2018

Innovative Tourism Business Models in the Black Forrest, funded by the State of Baden-Wuerrtemberg, 2017-2018

E-Destination in collaboration with ZHAW, funded by IBH, 2016-2017

PredTour, in collaboration with ZHAW, funded by IBH, 2016-2018

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III. Finished Projects


Sustainable Destination Management Information Systems, 2014, IBH

Mobility Lake, 2012, IBH

Interreg IV: Positioning Lake Constance, 2008-2012


Shopping Tourism in Collaboration with Brandon University within the programme "Borders in Globalisation", 2015


Research Collaboration with Kerala Institute of Tourism and Travel Studies and Indo-German Centre for Sustainability, India, German Research Foundation (DFG), 2014


Research Collaboration with Instituto Universitario de Turismo y Desarrollo Economico Sostenible (TIDES), Spain, 2015

Sustainable tourism mobility, Land Baden-Württemberg, 2011

Internal funding

Buddhism and Tourism in Switzerland, research sabbatical, 2016

Tourist Tracking in collaboration with Faculty of Computer Science, HTWG Konstanz, 2015

Aboriginal Tourism in British Columbia in collaboration with Simon Fraser University Vancouver , 2015

Sustainable Tourism in Kerala , 2013

E-Bikes and Tourism, 2012

Image construction and dance tourism in Buenos Aires and Seville, 2012-2013

Sustainable Tourism, 2010

Incoming Tourism from India, 2009

Small Research Project: Inbound and Outbound Tourism in India, 2008

Municipal, Industry

Consultency for a City regarding Tourism Strategy

Market study for a holiday farm

City of Konstanz, monitoring skilled employees, 2010

Konzilstadt Konstanz, Management and Marketing, 2010

Landkreis Lindau, Destination Management, 2010

Expertise "Constance as a location for business and science", 2009