Video downloads for paper
"Video Compression Using Data-dependent Triangulations"
B. Lehner, G. Umlauf, B. Hamann
IADIS CGV 2008, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Original video

V (head video), 640x480 pixels, 203 frames, 17 fps, 11.9 s

Compression results of Triangulation Reuse (TR)

The video shows three images: The original frame on the left, the data-dependent triangulation in the center, and the approximation on the right.
V compression result using TR, 1,500 vertices per frame, 8,830 bytes per frame, 1,792,506 bytes in total.

Compression results using MJPEG and MPEG2

V was also compressed using MJPEG and MPEG2, trying to produce files of size ~1.8Mbytes.
Remark: The MPEG2 compressed video is played with 25 frames per second (fps), since the MPEG2 standard does not allow 17 fps.
V compressed using MJPEG, file size 1,820,354 bytes.
V compressed using MPEG2, file size 1,796,202 bytes.